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Wow, haven`t posted anything in quite a while but I have to say this year`s renewals and cancellations are actually interesting. Not shocking per se but at least they rate more for me than a "whatever".

Supergirl is moving to the CW for its 2nd Season. That makes sense and I`m happy for the show but with a full 22-ep-order, that network has too many shows for too few slots. They should consider renaming themselves the Comic Book Network, though.

Agent Carter has been cancelled. Still very expected though I liked the show. Marvel`s Most Wanted will not go to series. I like the characters but Shield is already struggling in the ratings so business-wise I didn`t even get the spin-off idea.

Castle has been cancelled as well. Considering the huge kerfluffle that went along with it the last few weeks, I think this is a good decision. End the show as Castle and not as whathefuckever you were planning it to be in the future. If need be, make that need idea a spin-off.

No news yet on Sleepy Hollow, right? I`m undecided about it.

In general I can say two things about the 2015/16 fall Season: female characters died and male characters left. Like, WTF? Was it one big coincidence that it happened across the board?
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I`m still watching way too much shows but since about the new Seasons are about a third-to-half done, my impressions on some:

Supergirl - didn`t really like the Pilot but it got better, popcorn-TV for me

Flash - got held hostage by trying to build up Legends of Tomorrow too much (same goes for Arrow) but I like the Zoom mystery

Arrow - see above pretty much, too much backdoor-Piloting but a strong Bad Guy in Damian Darkh for the overall Season arc

Grimm - don`t know why people aren`t liking the Season so far, I think it`s stronger than last year

The Originals - also stronger than last Season so far

Sleepy Hollow - the spark seems gone somewhat, though also stronger than Season 2

Agents of Shield - I don`t know, it seems the show just never really finds its footing, sigh

Teen Wolf 5.B - not sure where it`s going right now

100 and Agent Carter only just started but I liked the debuts well enough. Legends of Tomorrow itself? Could be a bit too wacky for me but I like the characters.
Several shows, especially procedurals, I`ve fallen behind on. And I can`t just muster up the interest to get back into Gotham. I like dark but not sour.
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Forgot one show in my last write-up:

Zoo - attacks? I don`t even know.
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My summer shows have come or are coming to a close so couple thoughts on them:

Teen Wolf Season 5.A Started out good but fizzled towards the end. Again. And it cemented something for me. If this were Team Arrow, Scott would be the Felicity of the group. So general story spoilers if you will )

Dark Matter I kept with it because it is Sci-fi and it got kinda better once I learned the character`s number-names but it never bowled me over.

Killjoys Ditto with the watching on the Sci-fi effect and it legitimately had better character work than Dark Matter but it also failed to grab me.

Defiance The same odd mixture as previous Seasons. My favourite relationship has always been Nolan/Irisa father/daughter and they continue to mine this. Albeit often in annoying ways but at least it gets a lot of play in the story. Second-fave are the Tarrs and they always get a lot of play.

Beauty and the Beast I often don`t know whether I should laugh or cry but I made a pact with myself to watch this till the bitter end. Thing is, the Beast mythology they developed could be decent but the romantic dialogue is apparently ghost-written by George Lucas himself. No, strike that, both Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith had better and more believable romantic dialogues so I don`t know who is writing this one.
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Wow, I haven`t posted in a long time. Time just flies on by, even though nothing spectacular has been happening.

I was planning on using the TV summer hiatus to catch up on some shows but so far can`t bring myself to even start. Instead, I`m on a super-nostalgia trip where old DVDs come off the shelves again. Currently, I`m watching some "Scarecrow and Mrs.King" (Germans know it as "Agentin mit Herz"), a show I watched back in the 80s with my mom. I used to have such a crush on Lee Stetson back then and even today, I know why. He is totally the kind of guy I find attractive. Guess my tastes haven`t changed much from a ten-year-old to today. *g*

And if you think about it having a sweet. wholesome housewife as your female lead, incorporating her in the cloak-and-dagger-world of spies, having her stand on her own there while not completely changing who she is is pretty progressive. She didn`t turn into a kung-fu-fighting sharpshooter.

What`s hilarious about the show is that it is both ridiculously dated in the 80s - cold war spy plots, helmet hair, the clothing etc - and at the same time has aged rather well because the cutesy "will they, won`t they" couple dynamic is the same it has been in the 90s or 2000s or now. Take "Castle" which is probably the inverse of the dynamic of "civilian and professional team-up" and it has more or less the same formula for the romance.

Such shows always hinge on the depiction of the characters and the couple chemistry. If it works, it worked back then and it works now. As for the 80s, that`s the time-period I grew up on so I`ll always have a soft spot for it. Just imagine what generations twenty or so years down the line think when they watch shows from today. :)

What`s significant about Scarecrow & Mrs.King is that while it ran for 4 Seasons and it successfully ran in Germany as well, 18!!! whole episodes have never been shown here. Like, are you fucking kidding me? That is nearly a complete Season. And it`s not all random episodes either, it`s the Season 4 two-part Opener and stuff. It concentrates more on the romance aspect and leaving them out means you miss the couple getting together and the marriage proposal. Gee, that was not confusing at all for people who wondered why the main characters were suddenly married. I just can`t figure out why they were never shown here. And no, they don`t feature Nazi plots which is the premiere reason every US show from the 60s, 70s and 80s ever has at least ONE episode that has never made it onto German TV.
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Fall Season 14/15 officially kicked off and I watched a couple of Pilots this week:

Scorpion - I was reasonably entertained by the Pilot but am not sure how much the source material can be milked in terms of a weekly show.

Gotham - wasn`t aware this was gonna revolve around Gordon as the protagonist and figured it would be Smallville for Batman, however I did like the Pilot and enjoyed all the little comic book gimmicks and references. Problem I see is in the premise itself since you know where these characters end up and how long it`s gonna take so for the time span that - I believe - the show will cover, there can be hardly any longterm victories. Which can get pretty depressing.

Forever - if you`ve seen Sherlock/Elementary, Castle and maybe a dash of Highlander, you`ve basically seen this show. Since I happen to like those shows and think Ioan Gruffud does a charming and likeable lead in this, I`ll keep it for now. In the end, it`s an innocent little crime procedural, neither spectacularly good nor bad.

NCIS New Orleans - hated the backdoor Pilot but gave this one a try pretty much solely because the NOLA backdrop fascinates me. Also, I like Scott Bakula back from his time leaper days and don`t blame him (unduly) much for Captain Furrow. The show stays with the NCIS formula, for good or ill. The funniest thing to me was that it both starred a grown up Lucas Black aka Caleb Temple from Amercian Gothic as well as Steven Weber who was in the same show. I will say the actual Pilot was better than the backdoor one.

As for returning shows, I didn`t hate anything I watched this week. Was pleasantly surprised by Person of Interest which pulled off the new circumstances better than I expected. Shieldis still a mixed bag for me, some good scenes, some boring ones and upgrade!badass!Skye? Le Sigh.

Oh, I did hate one, what in the everloving fuck is currently going on with Haven? A super-hammy, one-note "villain", a super-pathetic, creepy "hero" and in the midsts of this poor Duke and Dwight who deserve to live in a better town that hosts a better show. Also, whoever was responsible for that boob thing, both idea and special effect, can kiss me where MY laser beams come out. Urgh.
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So. many. spoilers. If you follow lots of shows, like I do, and don`t mind being spoiled, which I don`t, Comic Con is like an overdose. And the press junkets will only be coming out in the next week or so.

I will say the promo reels for Originals, Teen Wolf and Arrow look really good. Person of Interest looked kick-ass, too, but a bit dark for me.
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I...I just saw honest-to-God tentacle sex on a live action US tv show. My life might never be the same again. *g*
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Almost all the Season Finales have aired right now so final stats for the Fall Season 13/14:

Arrow - the first half of the Season was much stronger than the last and the Finale, while it had cool moments, fell short of its potential a few times; also: writers and pet characters - that never ends well, and yet they never learn

The Originals - again, the beginning was stronger than towards the end, still the Finale was fine and at times genuinely moving; unlike Arrow, there weren`t moments I was peeved

The Vampire Diaries - incredibly weak Season with a surprisingly strong Finale, nope I do not remotely think this will be it but a) I wouldn`t want it to be and b) character spoiler )

Reign - started out as complete cheese, turned into a relatively amusing dark comedy with occasional drama towards the end, the Finale had some strong moments

Grimm - I can neither mark this Season as particularly high nor weak, it was fine, the Finale was very predictable but the set-up isn`t too bad

Agents of Shield - while the shot got better since Winter Soldier, it still hasn`t fully clicked for me, the Finale was less than expected and with one utterly ludicrous moment I hated

Castle - while the Season itself was fine, I got sick of wedding hijinks somewhere in the middle, the Finale was cute enough until it veered into a predictable FU moment

Person of Interest - very strong year and the Finale was no exception, but it`s veering into territory too dark and draining for me if it stays like this all the time

NCIS Los Angels - I was happy for the Denzi that happened so I liked it mostly but the Finale was just rather stupid

Criminal Minds - it just all blurs together these days, the Finale was lackluster

Elementary - Season-wise, it was good, Finale-wise, less so

Big Bang Theory - I think it stays at the level it has been for some time now, the Finale encompassed that, i.e, I still find it amusing but the good years are over
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So, renewal/cancellations seem to be about through now, yes?

Most of the shows I watched made it through. With some dinosaurs it`s not even a question anymore. Like, hands up who thought Big Bang Theory was gonna get cancelled? Yeah, thought so. Some renewals also put some shows into I`m certain-they-will-be-renewed-next-year-as-well-territories. Both Grimm and Person of Interest are now going into their respective Seasons 4. And therefore syndication-stuff. Meaning, baring any cataclysmic ratings collapse, they will each get a Season 5 as well. Both are reliable and solid performers, something more valuable than big hits that bleed viewers year to year.

Also, most of the decisions didn`t surprise me. Other than renewing Beauty and the Beast. Like Seriously, CW? I thought this was gonna get axed for sure. And I even tentatively still watch it so this isn`t hate-speak but it was the fucking lowest-rated drama show of their entire Season.

And in the end the cancellation of Community surprised me, too. It wouldn`t have every other Season before this one but I thought for sure they were going for "Six Seasons and a movie" now. Hm.

The Tomorrow People was not unexpected but also a little bit sad. I mean, the show itself was never particularly good. Its subset, though, which I like to call the "John Young show"? That was reasonably fine. Oh well.

A bit sad CW didn`t pick up Bloodlines. Not because it was good or anything but for the sole reason I had hoped Singer and the nepotism duo would go there. Think about it, it could have been a paradise for their dog-fucking fantasies.

Almost Human and Dracula have been cancelled as well. Both expected. And both could have been executed much better. Some shows, the premise already sucks. These two could have had potential but alas.

Oh, and I see CBS picked up the NCIS New Orleans thing. Well, I hated the backdoor Pilot so I doubt I`ll be watching. But hey, they could have X-overs with the Originals seeing as they are both set in the city. Now, I think NOLA is fascinating but is there something to the sudden uptick in its use as a show location?

As for the Pilot schedule - and I say this as someone who loves superhero stuff in any variation - I`m not terribly sure being avalanched by five million comic book-y shows AT ONCE will be a good choice. I spoiled some of my favourite food ever (well, it used to be) by overconsumption.

Meanwhile, I`m at the point where I would sell my soul for ONE (good) Sci-Fi space adventure show. I mean, I`m sure there is still an audience out there and yet noone, absolutely noone puts even one on. With the lack of competition, it should be guaranteed some success at least.

If you think about it, the shows that found favour in recent years because they were new and fresh in a way (and brought on oodles and oodles of copies and clones) were something that wasn`t on in general. Right now, everybody only seems to be following trends, atm superhero genres. Where are people MAKING trends?
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Pretty much all the Fall shows are nearing their Season Finales, several already had theirs. So I thought I`d be doing another pre-Final little update on the stats of my shows so far.

Newbies I picked up )

Returning shows:

Teen Wolf - had a pretty sweet run during 3.B, a bit iffy on the set up for Season 4

Person of Interest - this Season features some pretty amazing storytelling but I wouldn`t want all my shows to be like it to be honest, give me some breathing room here and there

Grimm - I still like it but it`s kinda in a rut as well, move some stories along, they did manage to make me like Adalind so kudos

Arrow - not at the heights of early Season 2 but I still enjoy it a great deal, just wish Slade would get a redemption in the end

Community - I can`t say this Season was better than last in all honesty, some I liked, some I didn`t

Against my better judgment I`ve read up and watched some Vampire Diaries and it`s better than when I dropped it out of frustration but the best thing for this Season will be simply to end. Even occassionally watch some Supernatural and while it`s better than the atrocious drivel they served up in the second half last year, it just doesn`t go anywhere. The Mark of Cain is the only thing to interest me in years and it basically stands still.

My procedural shows...are my procedural shows, same as ever. Did anyone watch the NCIS-NOLA backdoor Pilot? I wasn`t exactly blown over.
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Helix is a perfectly serviceable little Sci-Fi show - I tend to love premises like this for movies - but why in all the heavens does it have elevator music for credits???

Not only doesn`t it fit this show thematically at all, in my entire life I`ve never seen a show that would have benefited from an elevator musical theme. That music is weirder than anything going on in the show.
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That`s it, Vampire Diaries is going on my "I may watch it once the Season is over and I can see where it went" list.

This show used to be legitimately good from mid-Season 1 to all of Season 2, still enjoyable in Season 3 and admittedly I liked parts of Season 4. But this year, I`m sick of the writers aiming for the nadir of the nadir of storytelling - and succeeding every time. I just love annuling development for the lulz because that in no way makes me feel I wasted years watching it in the first place. *sarcasm* And their deluded interviews, obvious incapability to figure out what isn`t working and passive-aggressive asshole tweets. It`s like they think they are the SPN TPTB.

I knew dividing attention between running three shows would be too much but the old warhorse should be something of a self-ran, not an implosion. And The Tomorrow People ain`t good either, at least as long as they refuse to center it around John. That leaves The Originals which is legit good. But a batting average of 1 out of 3? Not that impressive.

Thank God Teen Wolf is currently rocking so hard.
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A belated Happy New Year to all.

Hoping against hope of achieving at least some this time, I made some resolutions for 2014, namely:

- get in shape more; yes, losing weight would be an important sub-goal but it`s not just that, as I noticed on my last vacation when a simple hiking trip nearly made me collapse: I`m in lousy, lousy shape, I was never very sportive but it used to be better than that

- trying out my new keyboard, no, I can`t play but I bought it (two years ago) to actually learn to play a bit and since then it`s sitting there, gathering dust

- getting together with a couple of old buds where we have been saying we should get together some time for ages now

- read more books; again, I love it but in recent years haven`t read all that much because when I get home from work, I usually slump right in front of the computer and stay there till bedtime and on the week-ends I catch up on all my shows

- go out a bit more, I love going to the movies but, like with reading, rarely do these days

For the last two, I would actually welcome some recs. Like what kind of movies you guys are looking forward to. I usually miss so much because I don`t even know what`s coming out.

But I`d especially grateful for book-recs. In the spirit of starting out, I just finished the Ruby Red Trilogy by Kerstin Gier, a cute little time-travelling fantasy romance tale which was actually quite enjoyable and have the Hunger Games lined up. Which is not to say I only read youth lit, my taste buds are actually pretty diverse, fantasy, Sci-Fi, romance, comedy etc. Not too much into autobiography and stuff that gets marketed as "the rousing tale of one woman`s dramatic journey to..."
Or as I like to call it "you move to the African bush, what did you expect, lady?" I can love protagonists who are dark and broody and even mean but stupid is a deal-breaker.

So hit me. Metaphorically. :)
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Christmas break is almost upon us and most of the fall shows aired half their Seasons by now (seriously, I think they crammed in more this year than last at this point) so I figured a final 2013 awards list was in order:

Best returning show: Arrow - firing on all cylinders right now, seriously, THIS is the comic book show of my geek dreams at the moment
runner up: Person of Interest - some fantastic arcs

Worst returning show: Vampire Diaries - last Season had problems, this one is a DISASTER, maybe it`s the showrunner being spread too thin but I sure hope they fix the hell out of it in the spring, so far they managed non-sucky writing for only one!!! character
runner up: none actually

Slashiest returning show: Haven - let me bathe in the Duke/Nathan of this year and forget everything else
runner up: none

Best new show: The Originals - after the backdoor Pilot, I was SO sure this would suck and get killed in the ratings but I`m surprised by how good it is,
runner up: Sleepy Hollow - the cast is great and I like the stories, at the beginning of the Season, this one would have easily made number one but I feel it bottomed out whereas Originals is climbing in quality

Worst new show: Atlantis - probably noone is even watching it and only my OCD will get me to finish this Season but why isn`t it at least trashy fun and cutely slashy?
runner up: neither Agents of Shield (it improved somewhat) nor The Tomorrow People (it has pretty, pretty John who would be such an interesting main character) but they are still both on the naughty list

Best slashy new show: Almost Human - penis envy, nough said :)
runner up: Dracula - Dracula and Renfield FTW

Guilty pleasure: Reign - I can`t help it, it`s cracky fun with gorgeous costume, the milquetoast prince if prettier than all the girls and who would have thought that Anne of Green Gables can rock a villain?
runner up: Witches of East End, I guess - it`s silly and soapy but the supernatural elements can be entertaining
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There is a quite a few of genre shows on right now and this Season brought - at least for me - quite a few surprises.

Case in point: The Originals - the backdoor Pilot sucked and I totally thought it would limp on and get killed in the ratings. The subsequent episodes were entertaining enough but didn`t bowl me over. With the latest ep, I think, the show did what TVD used to do back in Season 1, the progression of "horrible" to "hm" to "hey, that show ain`t half bad". Surprise: pleasant.

Marvel`s Agents of Shield - like probably many others I was going gaga with excitment over this show because Marvel reigns so supreme on the big screen now and Whedon and Avengers. What happened? I watch the episodes and am just not feeling it. Yes, episode 4 was much improved. BUT, it didn`t mark a signifcant upturn in either. The only thing that`s changed for me is that I like Skye better than in the beginning. Doesn`t mean I`m invested in any of the characters. Surprise: unhappy.

Arrow - loved it last Season and still very much digging it now. This right now is superhero feeling at its best for me. Sure, it`s like mini-Batman so what? I love Batman. :) And, unpopular opinion: I really dig Stephen Amell as the lead, I think his acting is fine for the role.

The Tomorrow People - the last two eps were much improved. Problem: the clear reason is their focus on supporting characters. Bigger problem? The last episode without a shadow of a doubt proved to me that I would LOVE to watch this show if John were the lead. He eclipses Steven in charisma, being interesting and just about everything else. So fuck you whoever came up with the idea for your horrible storytelling instincts. Oh, I just remembered it is Plec and she did so well on the Originals. Now I`m at a loss. Why is she fucking up two out of three shows?

Dracula - such a BIG disappointment. What the hell happened? How do you make Renfield cooler than Dracula? And I normally have no problem with Jonathan Rhys Meyer but I read the following somewhere: "you know what would make Dracula better? Vampires." Sorry, but it`s true. Surprise: very unhappy.

Btw, since it has supernatural elements I`ll mention it here: Reign - it`s not good, it`s not terrible. You can watch it. But there is not much reason to.
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Sleepy Hollow - love, love, love. Definite keeper.

Agents of Shield - it`s bland, generic and boring and everything I wouldn`t expect from a Whedon show. I mean, even Dollhouse generated a feeling for me: hatred. This one? Somehow I`m feeling so confused because I SHOULD like it and apparently, I`m missing something because I don`t. Buzzuh?

The Tomorrow People - what do you know, it`s bland, generic and boring, too. Doesn`t help that I find the side guy both much hotter and way more interesting than the lead. Also, if said lead is supposed to be Stephen Amell`s cousin, why isn`t he at least hot? I know, shallow, table for one.

BBC`s Atlantis - it`s like Merlin got turned into a vampire and lots its soul. Seriously, why is this so boring? There isn`t even trashy fun and slash. That was all these writers ever managed and now they don`t even get this right.

Haven`t watched Reign yet but word of mouth ain`t so great to begin with anyways.

In terms of my returning shows, they all do okay right now. The only one I`m side-eyeing atm is Vampire Diaries. At least they explained one of the most boring romances in TV.

Fresh Blood

Oct. 4th, 2013 10:11 pm
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The CW seems to be the last network that gets on premiering its new shows/new Seasons. Starting with the vampire block. I was curious how both would do as Vampire Diaries Season 4 was rocky and The Originals backdoor Pilot had spoiler )-gate.

I thought one was fun though instead of Stelena or Delena are they sneakily trying to build up spoiler ) as the new power couple of the show? Yet more spoilers )

And the other one was Elijah Originals spoilers )

New shows

Sep. 29th, 2013 12:45 pm
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So that new Atlantis show on BBC premiered yesterday? Totally missed that.

Anyways, I just watched the first ep and it was better than I imagined. The lead came across as much more likeable and alive than in the promos. Yes, it is a Merlin clone and you can expect from these people the same tropes and failures with which they butchered Arthurian legends. However, I believe this will work better because a) to be forewarned is to be forearmed and b) I don`t foresee getting emotionally attached to the characters.

Because that is what was the problem on Merlin. Caring too much meant it hurt what they were doing to those poor characters. You got angry and disappointed. Whereas this should just work as a light, fun-hearted romp, mindless popcorn entertainment. Never really going deeper. Yes, there is obvious slash bait but while the Merlin Pilot was goofy and campy, the Merthur was the one aspect that was instantly on point for me. On Atlantis, I see where they`re going and I`m not getting off at that station.

New shows

Sep. 18th, 2013 09:36 pm
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Did anybody watch the premiere episode of Sleepy Hollow?

I adore the movie and went through phases of "YAY" when the show was first announced to "NOOOOO" when they ix-nayed the period setting and would instead put it in modern times. Then back to "Cool" when I saw the first trailer.

My first verdict would be: the trailer didn`t lie. It looks fun, genuinely scary at times and I do like the twist they took to turn it into a larger story. Not their fault that I`m probably going to be soured on what used to be some of my most favourite genre stories for the next fifty years due to some asinine other take on it.

The leads are unknowns - at least to me - and I really like them both. The guy playing Ichabod is a major charmer and certainly easy on the eyes. Abby, the female lead, is sympathetic and competent without being oversold. Thank you, unknown writers. (No idea who created this show and too lazy to look).

For now, a definite keeper.

Also tried out Under the Dome (edited because the show bored me so much, I couldn`t even remember its proper name :) which just wasn`t my cup of tea. The premise sounded cool but somehow I envisioned something like those Fringe episodes where they went to a "cursed" town, only longterm. Instead it quickly turned into another variation of "asshole characters doing asshole things (which I could live with) AND being boring doing so (which I can`t)." A most definite "nay".
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