May. 10th, 2014

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So, renewal/cancellations seem to be about through now, yes?

Most of the shows I watched made it through. With some dinosaurs it`s not even a question anymore. Like, hands up who thought Big Bang Theory was gonna get cancelled? Yeah, thought so. Some renewals also put some shows into I`m certain-they-will-be-renewed-next-year-as-well-territories. Both Grimm and Person of Interest are now going into their respective Seasons 4. And therefore syndication-stuff. Meaning, baring any cataclysmic ratings collapse, they will each get a Season 5 as well. Both are reliable and solid performers, something more valuable than big hits that bleed viewers year to year.

Also, most of the decisions didn`t surprise me. Other than renewing Beauty and the Beast. Like Seriously, CW? I thought this was gonna get axed for sure. And I even tentatively still watch it so this isn`t hate-speak but it was the fucking lowest-rated drama show of their entire Season.

And in the end the cancellation of Community surprised me, too. It wouldn`t have every other Season before this one but I thought for sure they were going for "Six Seasons and a movie" now. Hm.

The Tomorrow People was not unexpected but also a little bit sad. I mean, the show itself was never particularly good. Its subset, though, which I like to call the "John Young show"? That was reasonably fine. Oh well.

A bit sad CW didn`t pick up Bloodlines. Not because it was good or anything but for the sole reason I had hoped Singer and the nepotism duo would go there. Think about it, it could have been a paradise for their dog-fucking fantasies.

Almost Human and Dracula have been cancelled as well. Both expected. And both could have been executed much better. Some shows, the premise already sucks. These two could have had potential but alas.

Oh, and I see CBS picked up the NCIS New Orleans thing. Well, I hated the backdoor Pilot so I doubt I`ll be watching. But hey, they could have X-overs with the Originals seeing as they are both set in the city. Now, I think NOLA is fascinating but is there something to the sudden uptick in its use as a show location?

As for the Pilot schedule - and I say this as someone who loves superhero stuff in any variation - I`m not terribly sure being avalanched by five million comic book-y shows AT ONCE will be a good choice. I spoiled some of my favourite food ever (well, it used to be) by overconsumption.

Meanwhile, I`m at the point where I would sell my soul for ONE (good) Sci-Fi space adventure show. I mean, I`m sure there is still an audience out there and yet noone, absolutely noone puts even one on. With the lack of competition, it should be guaranteed some success at least.

If you think about it, the shows that found favour in recent years because they were new and fresh in a way (and brought on oodles and oodles of copies and clones) were something that wasn`t on in general. Right now, everybody only seems to be following trends, atm superhero genres. Where are people MAKING trends?


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