May. 19th, 2014

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Almost all the Season Finales have aired right now so final stats for the Fall Season 13/14:

Arrow - the first half of the Season was much stronger than the last and the Finale, while it had cool moments, fell short of its potential a few times; also: writers and pet characters - that never ends well, and yet they never learn

The Originals - again, the beginning was stronger than towards the end, still the Finale was fine and at times genuinely moving; unlike Arrow, there weren`t moments I was peeved

The Vampire Diaries - incredibly weak Season with a surprisingly strong Finale, nope I do not remotely think this will be it but a) I wouldn`t want it to be and b) character spoiler )

Reign - started out as complete cheese, turned into a relatively amusing dark comedy with occasional drama towards the end, the Finale had some strong moments

Grimm - I can neither mark this Season as particularly high nor weak, it was fine, the Finale was very predictable but the set-up isn`t too bad

Agents of Shield - while the shot got better since Winter Soldier, it still hasn`t fully clicked for me, the Finale was less than expected and with one utterly ludicrous moment I hated

Castle - while the Season itself was fine, I got sick of wedding hijinks somewhere in the middle, the Finale was cute enough until it veered into a predictable FU moment

Person of Interest - very strong year and the Finale was no exception, but it`s veering into territory too dark and draining for me if it stays like this all the time

NCIS Los Angels - I was happy for the Denzi that happened so I liked it mostly but the Finale was just rather stupid

Criminal Minds - it just all blurs together these days, the Finale was lackluster

Elementary - Season-wise, it was good, Finale-wise, less so

Big Bang Theory - I think it stays at the level it has been for some time now, the Finale encompassed that, i.e, I still find it amusing but the good years are over


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