Jul. 18th, 2015

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Wow, I haven`t posted in a long time. Time just flies on by, even though nothing spectacular has been happening.

I was planning on using the TV summer hiatus to catch up on some shows but so far can`t bring myself to even start. Instead, I`m on a super-nostalgia trip where old DVDs come off the shelves again. Currently, I`m watching some "Scarecrow and Mrs.King" (Germans know it as "Agentin mit Herz"), a show I watched back in the 80s with my mom. I used to have such a crush on Lee Stetson back then and even today, I know why. He is totally the kind of guy I find attractive. Guess my tastes haven`t changed much from a ten-year-old to today. *g*

And if you think about it having a sweet. wholesome housewife as your female lead, incorporating her in the cloak-and-dagger-world of spies, having her stand on her own there while not completely changing who she is is pretty progressive. She didn`t turn into a kung-fu-fighting sharpshooter.

What`s hilarious about the show is that it is both ridiculously dated in the 80s - cold war spy plots, helmet hair, the clothing etc - and at the same time has aged rather well because the cutesy "will they, won`t they" couple dynamic is the same it has been in the 90s or 2000s or now. Take "Castle" which is probably the inverse of the dynamic of "civilian and professional team-up" and it has more or less the same formula for the romance.

Such shows always hinge on the depiction of the characters and the couple chemistry. If it works, it worked back then and it works now. As for the 80s, that`s the time-period I grew up on so I`ll always have a soft spot for it. Just imagine what generations twenty or so years down the line think when they watch shows from today. :)

What`s significant about Scarecrow & Mrs.King is that while it ran for 4 Seasons and it successfully ran in Germany as well, 18!!! whole episodes have never been shown here. Like, are you fucking kidding me? That is nearly a complete Season. And it`s not all random episodes either, it`s the Season 4 two-part Opener and stuff. It concentrates more on the romance aspect and leaving them out means you miss the couple getting together and the marriage proposal. Gee, that was not confusing at all for people who wondered why the main characters were suddenly married. I just can`t figure out why they were never shown here. And no, they don`t feature Nazi plots which is the premiere reason every US show from the 60s, 70s and 80s ever has at least ONE episode that has never made it onto German TV.


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