Feb. 7th, 2014

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That`s it, Vampire Diaries is going on my "I may watch it once the Season is over and I can see where it went" list.

This show used to be legitimately good from mid-Season 1 to all of Season 2, still enjoyable in Season 3 and admittedly I liked parts of Season 4. But this year, I`m sick of the writers aiming for the nadir of the nadir of storytelling - and succeeding every time. I just love annuling development for the lulz because that in no way makes me feel I wasted years watching it in the first place. *sarcasm* And their deluded interviews, obvious incapability to figure out what isn`t working and passive-aggressive asshole tweets. It`s like they think they are the SPN TPTB.

I knew dividing attention between running three shows would be too much but the old warhorse should be something of a self-ran, not an implosion. And The Tomorrow People ain`t good either, at least as long as they refuse to center it around John. That leaves The Originals which is legit good. But a batting average of 1 out of 3? Not that impressive.

Thank God Teen Wolf is currently rocking so hard.


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