Jan. 2nd, 2014

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A belated Happy New Year to all.

Hoping against hope of achieving at least some this time, I made some resolutions for 2014, namely:

- get in shape more; yes, losing weight would be an important sub-goal but it`s not just that, as I noticed on my last vacation when a simple hiking trip nearly made me collapse: I`m in lousy, lousy shape, I was never very sportive but it used to be better than that

- trying out my new keyboard, no, I can`t play but I bought it (two years ago) to actually learn to play a bit and since then it`s sitting there, gathering dust

- getting together with a couple of old buds where we have been saying we should get together some time for ages now

- read more books; again, I love it but in recent years haven`t read all that much because when I get home from work, I usually slump right in front of the computer and stay there till bedtime and on the week-ends I catch up on all my shows

- go out a bit more, I love going to the movies but, like with reading, rarely do these days

For the last two, I would actually welcome some recs. Like what kind of movies you guys are looking forward to. I usually miss so much because I don`t even know what`s coming out.

But I`d especially grateful for book-recs. In the spirit of starting out, I just finished the Ruby Red Trilogy by Kerstin Gier, a cute little time-travelling fantasy romance tale which was actually quite enjoyable and have the Hunger Games lined up. Which is not to say I only read youth lit, my taste buds are actually pretty diverse, fantasy, Sci-Fi, romance, comedy etc. Not too much into autobiography and stuff that gets marketed as "the rousing tale of one woman`s dramatic journey to..."
Or as I like to call it "you move to the African bush, what did you expect, lady?" I can love protagonists who are dark and broody and even mean but stupid is a deal-breaker.

So hit me. Metaphorically. :)


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