Jan. 30th, 2016

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I`m still watching way too much shows but since about the new Seasons are about a third-to-half done, my impressions on some:

Supergirl - didn`t really like the Pilot but it got better, popcorn-TV for me

Flash - got held hostage by trying to build up Legends of Tomorrow too much (same goes for Arrow) but I like the Zoom mystery

Arrow - see above pretty much, too much backdoor-Piloting but a strong Bad Guy in Damian Darkh for the overall Season arc

Grimm - don`t know why people aren`t liking the Season so far, I think it`s stronger than last year

The Originals - also stronger than last Season so far

Sleepy Hollow - the spark seems gone somewhat, though also stronger than Season 2

Agents of Shield - I don`t know, it seems the show just never really finds its footing, sigh

Teen Wolf 5.B - not sure where it`s going right now

100 and Agent Carter only just started but I liked the debuts well enough. Legends of Tomorrow itself? Could be a bit too wacky for me but I like the characters.
Several shows, especially procedurals, I`ve fallen behind on. And I can`t just muster up the interest to get back into Gotham. I like dark but not sour.


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