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Sep. 9th, 2014 09:01 pm
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So, the Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale rolled around and how did S4 fare overall?

I will say that I didn`t per se dislike any of the storylines introduced and thought each on its own had potential. Problem was a) there were too many of them and b) as a result they didn`t give any single one real weight. Not even the "main" ones, not in hindsight.

Like, Season 1 had the search for the Alpha and as silly as the show could be back then, that was a tight enough plot. Season 2 had the Kanima, Derek`s pack and Gerard with all coming together somewhat. Season 3.A may have sucked but it focused on the Alpha Pack and Scott`s Sue-Alpha-dom. Season 3.B had the tightest plot with Nogitsune!Stiles which was ONE focus.

You could Season 4 the Benefactor but in hindsight even that, the most heavily-featured storyline drowned as one among many. Scott had a beta, Lydia`s banshee-powers, Derek`s "it`s like the Fight Club, we don`t talk about it" arc of losing his powers, Peter wanting power back, Kate wanting God knows what, Chris being kind of lost after Allison`s death (hey, at least someone mourned her), weird Mexican hunters randomely showing up, more trouble at Eichen House, Malia learns to be a human, the buddhist pack etc.

It`s not unworkeable to do many storylines or quickly resolve them. Vampire Diaries used to do it reasonably well years back. However, Teen Wolf never did and never should attempt to. And maybe the Season was supposed to be centered on Scott, Lydia and Derek on paper but not on screen. 3.B showed how they can do focus well, 4 showed the opposite.

That said, I did like parts of the Finale: some spoilers )

Teen Wolf

Jul. 13th, 2014 10:01 pm
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Binge-watched the first three episodes of Season 4 Teen Wolf today. So far, I like it but I had hoped after Season 3.B, they have somehow learned how to build and pace an exciting plot. Alas... slight spoilers )
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That`s it, Vampire Diaries is going on my "I may watch it once the Season is over and I can see where it went" list.

This show used to be legitimately good from mid-Season 1 to all of Season 2, still enjoyable in Season 3 and admittedly I liked parts of Season 4. But this year, I`m sick of the writers aiming for the nadir of the nadir of storytelling - and succeeding every time. I just love annuling development for the lulz because that in no way makes me feel I wasted years watching it in the first place. *sarcasm* And their deluded interviews, obvious incapability to figure out what isn`t working and passive-aggressive asshole tweets. It`s like they think they are the SPN TPTB.

I knew dividing attention between running three shows would be too much but the old warhorse should be something of a self-ran, not an implosion. And The Tomorrow People ain`t good either, at least as long as they refuse to center it around John. That leaves The Originals which is legit good. But a batting average of 1 out of 3? Not that impressive.

Thank God Teen Wolf is currently rocking so hard.
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How can Teen Wolf 3.A and 3.B be from the same show? I didn`t hate the first part of the Season but the stories came together very badly while this second half so far rocks. Tight arc, well-paced, likeable new character. The mind it boggles.

Ironic because I tend to favour Derek and he had a far bigger role before than now but since it used to be one relentless beatdown after another, his material right now is superior in quality if not quantity. It`s not climbing a very small mountain for half an hour but then what is? *inside joke*

General spoilers for 3.B )


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