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Even if I didn`t manage to make it into a midnight shooting, I did see Star Wars The Force Awakens on opening weekend.

I really liked it but didn`t love it as much as the original trilogy. Which is actually not that much of a negative because the original trilogy has years and years of fannishness and nostalgia to it now. I watched it when I was 13. No movie will ever be like it for me. It`s unfair of me to even expect them to be. That said, there was tons of nostalgia here too.

In the end, TFA was lots of fun. I was surprised how much I liked the new cast and wasn`t just focused on the old characters. I was completely spoiled and came to the movie with certain preconceptions and also disappointments, focused only on the characters I already knew but the new ones did manage to endear themselves to me. I thought the actors were likeable and charismatic.

Few specifics on the movie )

Something that did disappoint me for the first time in a Star Wars movie ever was the score. Everytime the music gave me goosebumps was when a beloved old theme came on. Of the new stuff, nothing stood out however. Even Episode 1 had fantastic themes. This was
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How can Teen Wolf 3.A and 3.B be from the same show? I didn`t hate the first part of the Season but the stories came together very badly while this second half so far rocks. Tight arc, well-paced, likeable new character. The mind it boggles.

Ironic because I tend to favour Derek and he had a far bigger role before than now but since it used to be one relentless beatdown after another, his material right now is superior in quality if not quantity. It`s not climbing a very small mountain for half an hour but then what is? *inside joke*

General spoilers for 3.B )

Fresh Blood

Oct. 4th, 2013 10:11 pm
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The CW seems to be the last network that gets on premiering its new shows/new Seasons. Starting with the vampire block. I was curious how both would do as Vampire Diaries Season 4 was rocky and The Originals backdoor Pilot had spoiler )-gate.

I thought one was fun though instead of Stelena or Delena are they sneakily trying to build up spoiler ) as the new power couple of the show? Yet more spoilers )

And the other one was Elijah Originals spoilers )
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So far, Season 4 of Haven makes me feel schizophrenic. One part of me is in love with the very general spoiler )

Whereas the other half is more definite spoiler )
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Haven Season 4 Premiere in three short sentences )
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Caught up on Season 3 of Teen Wolf. This show is actually well-suited for marathon watching (though honestly, most genre fare are) instead of waiting in between weeks.

It`s funny because I kind of have been checking up on reactions beforehand and the actual show was not what I expected from that. Maybe I lack the deeper investment in the characters and show as a whole but it certainly helps along with the enjoyment factor. Slight spoilers )
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Anyone watched the Teen Wolf Season 3 Premiere? )
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A curious observation on Vampire Diaries general spoilers for the recent episodes )
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Considering the latest episode of Grimm, I`m starting a betting pool on what spoilers )

TV update

Feb. 9th, 2013 03:08 pm
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Now that all my fall shows have roughly two thirds of their Seasons done, I thought I`d do another "progress" report.

Castle - same old, same old, the actually handle the coupleness of the main pairing reasonably well
Bones - I continue to watch for the interns. Hopefully, the Palant story is supposed to be done the next time it rears its ugly head. Tedious to the extreme.

Both NCIS and NCIS LA -the cases are pretty much bla-bla at this point and they don`t even slightly bother to put a Navy-jurisdiction spin on it for the most time. I still like the characters, though, on both teams. So depending on how they are written, I enjoy the ep. "Corresponding fish" might be the best thing ever, though. *g*

Criminal Minds - watch it out of habit mostly
Supernatural - took a VERY disappointing nosedive in quality after ep 9ish, now we`re back to the same status quo that I got sick of YEARS ago. Eh. spoilers )
Arrow - I`m easy, I just love Oliver kicking ass and shooting arrows in between moping in the batcave with Diggle tryin to cheer him up/talking him into and out of things

The Vampire Diaries - Strange Season. Stuff still happens at a fast pace and the characters are as amoral and teenager-y as ever but something doesn`t quite work. general spoilers )
Person of Interest - each episodes just manages to be so suspenseful, I`m usually at the edge of my seat when watching, loving it
Elementary - so far enjoying it quite a bit, though maybe I`m the only person on the planet who prefers the Holmes character to Watson. I like Joan and I like Lucy Liu but the quirky genius asshat draws me in more
Beauty and the Beast - major missteps recently, don`t know what they were thinking
The Big Bang Theory - normally I still like it fine but a recent episode made me nostalgic for the days when this was more profoundly tethered to geek culture instead of generic sitcom, the "who can pick up Thor`s hammer" discussion, almost against their will? Gold.
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Last year I used my summer vacation to marathon a new show I had wanted to try out: Haven.

Then when it started up again in the fall, I started watching in real time (added bonus, I didn`t have long to wait between the Season 2 Finale and Season 3 Premiere). And now I desperately want to go back to marathoning because I need the next episode NOW. Can`t believe how they left it... spoilers for the Season 3 Finale )
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Okay, here we are, the series Finale of Fringe

Neither this Season nor the Finale packed the punch I`ve come to expect from this show at its heights. While I liked all the Seasons, for me, in hindsight the heydey was Season 2 and parts of 3.

However, that does not mean I disliked the Finale either. It just feels weird when certain episodes over the course of the show hit you so much more in the gut than the ending. Guess it`s hard for show endings to live up to the expectations for them. In fact, I`d be hard pressed now to name even a few that really satisfied me on all accounts.

But onwards and upwards some thoughts for the final adventures of our Fringe-team... )

Funny, when this show started, for some reason I was adamant about not watching it and then I watched a random episode while on vacation and neither understood anything nor liked it very much. I only distinctly remember hating the Walter-character and questioning if he had always been so horribly hateful to his son. :D Then, I caved in and watched Season 1 and 2 over the course of two weeks, I believe. And the rest as they say...
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What do you, just when you thought noone, just noone could be worse than Gamble? Carver proves you wrong. Spoilers for SPN 8.10 )

I curse this Dark Angel episode that first made me take notice of Jensen. If I hadn`t, then NO WAY I`d still be watching this.
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I never thought I`d say this, given the givens, but I flat-out loved a LOT out of the Merlin Series Finale.

In the end, it wasn`t what I expected when the show began and it wasn`t the ending of my dreams either but spoilers )

So cheers to not ruining my Christmas this year.
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Some very crazy Merlin spec here. Sorry for not shutting up about this show but I read some dialogue teasers for the Finale (I`m spoiled for the general plot but not the specific specifics, so to say) and some spec on the person that piece of dialogue is attributed to. And one particular line of dialogue is just... mindblowing. IF the respective speaker and recipient are to be correct, that is.

Nope, it isn`t a plot spoiler. It doesn`t deal with you know what but in terms of emotional context, if it happens? My mind, it is thouroughly blown.

Onward and forward: Spoiler, kind of )
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I debated on doing the full recap after the final episode has aired or doing a review of them separately but heck, I was and am spoiled all to hell about what happens anyway (and very, very grateful for it) so I might as well look how the ep stands on its own merits. Merlin 5.12 )

I tried not to give anything specific away for the finale episode but obviously, I can`t unknow stuff so that colours my review for this one. So, fair warning.
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Inspired by [personal profile] lovis.

Lets see how my shows fared during their first half (or at least close to it) of the new Season (occassional spoiler tags, just in case):

Bones - still watch for the revolving interns basically and I will compliment them on doing a really decent 9/11 ep with all of them but WTH was that last episode before hiatus? Oy.
Castle - okay, I guess, they`re even handling Castle and Beckett as a couple reasonably well (in the "it could be way worse" sense)

NCIS - same old, same old, nothing ever changes here (unless a cast member wants out)
NCIS Los Angeles - pure popcorn entertainment but on that level it works, it`s uncanny, though, how many bad guys the team shoots in every single episode, I can think of no procedural that is sooo trigger-happy

Arrow - still like it, still like gloomy Ollie spoiler ); thing is, Oliver is so profoundly lonely, he is a very tragic character for me
Supernatural - better than the last three years but the writing issues in general (pacing, multiple plots at least for main characters, lazy characterization issues) didn`t improve as much as I previously hoped, spoiler )
Criminal Minds - much like NCIS, same old, same old, the new character brought nothing in terms of new dynamics, she neither enrages nor enraptures, spoiler )

The Vampire Diaires - oh dear, it`s kinda like riding a train but thinking you spot a large gap in the tracks further down the road, you`re not sure yet and you have some hope it will all work out but, like Han Solo, you have a bad feeling about it; spoiler )
Beauty and the Beast - yup, still watching. Anyone`s guess as to why because it`s really pedestrian but I have developed this stubborn desire to see the titular characters together because, seriously, glaciers move faster than this.
Person of Interest - like it as much as in Season 1, two wonderfully stoic characters bringing each other back into the world, spoiler )
Elementary - enjoy it more than I thought I would and I`m really, really impressed that so far they haven`t validated my cynical belief that soon enough Sherlock and Watson would play the will they/won`t they game
The Big Bang Theory - it still makes me laugh occassionally but why did Amy get the sexaholic character overhaul? That`s cringeworthy.

Fringe - this Season is weird for me, I don`t dislike it but it never really got going for me spoiler )
Haven - I do not understand spoiler ) That said, I have quite enjoyed the Season for the most part.
Grimm - holy crap, they really brought a few things to a head, spoiler )

Merlin - like I said, the only question becomes on how much they are gonna screw up Christmas as it seems crystal clear that spoiler speculation )
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One down, two to go... Merlin 5.11 )
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One down, two to go... Merlin 5.11 )
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Okay, does anyone want to spoilers for Vampire Diaries 4.09 )
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