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Wow, haven`t posted anything in quite a while but I have to say this year`s renewals and cancellations are actually interesting. Not shocking per se but at least they rate more for me than a "whatever".

Supergirl is moving to the CW for its 2nd Season. That makes sense and I`m happy for the show but with a full 22-ep-order, that network has too many shows for too few slots. They should consider renaming themselves the Comic Book Network, though.

Agent Carter has been cancelled. Still very expected though I liked the show. Marvel`s Most Wanted will not go to series. I like the characters but Shield is already struggling in the ratings so business-wise I didn`t even get the spin-off idea.

Castle has been cancelled as well. Considering the huge kerfluffle that went along with it the last few weeks, I think this is a good decision. End the show as Castle and not as whathefuckever you were planning it to be in the future. If need be, make that need idea a spin-off.

No news yet on Sleepy Hollow, right? I`m undecided about it.

In general I can say two things about the 2015/16 fall Season: female characters died and male characters left. Like, WTF? Was it one big coincidence that it happened across the board?
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