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Even if I didn`t manage to make it into a midnight shooting, I did see Star Wars The Force Awakens on opening weekend.

I really liked it but didn`t love it as much as the original trilogy. Which is actually not that much of a negative because the original trilogy has years and years of fannishness and nostalgia to it now. I watched it when I was 13. No movie will ever be like it for me. It`s unfair of me to even expect them to be. That said, there was tons of nostalgia here too.

In the end, TFA was lots of fun. I was surprised how much I liked the new cast and wasn`t just focused on the old characters. I was completely spoiled and came to the movie with certain preconceptions and also disappointments, focused only on the characters I already knew but the new ones did manage to endear themselves to me. I thought the actors were likeable and charismatic.

If I have a criticism about the new characters, it is that their relationships felt a bit rushed. I get how Finn as someone not even treated like a person so far would quickly attack to Rey. I also get how Rey as pretty much an orphan would quickly attach to Finn. Ditto for them both quickly attaching to Han Solo. But the movie made it seem like them all knew each other for one or two days and yet they acted as if deep bonds had formed between them.

I don`t know. Luke/Leia/Han quickly developed a fun dynamic during their scenes on the Death Star in the first movie but I never thought they were insta-devoted to each other. In Empire, things have changed but that movie is set two or three years after the first one.

This flaw for me doesn`t kill my enjoyment of the movie at all but it`s definitely something that is a flaw in J.J.Abrams writing. As previously seen on ST.

Other writing flaw? A somewhat clumsy foreshadowing with Rey. I get that all her insta-use of the force later on was supposed to be fraught with meaning but it was a bit much. Why not have her be just a trained Pilot. Resisting Kylo Ren`s mindprobe worked fine for me. But her best him in a duel didn`t. It`s the first movie. The protagonist easily defeating the bad guy without any training? Come on.

If I get my wish and she is Luke`s daughter, she has the Skywalker bloodline as well and possibly has had training as a kid. But how much can a five year old learn? Not enough to beat a trained force user.
Then again, Kylo Ren showed exceptional skills with reverse telekinesis and, I guess, mind-powers but as a duelist he was crap. Even Finn held his own quite well. Vader would have annihilated him. He dominated the fight against Luke in Empire which was actually logical sound storytelling. This was iffy.

Speaking of Kylo Ren, I get not wanting to do Vader 2.0 and we basically got the anti-redemption here with him choosing the Dark Side for good by killing Han but the brattish temper trantrums? Personally, I don`t get how people ragged on Anakin in the prequels but loved this here because Anakin had nothing on his grandson in terms of throwing tantrums. And Vader was a methodical badass.

Lastly, this was basically the plot of A New Hope, right down to the Death Star run. Which, seriously? Another pseudo-Death Star?

Han dying was expected since Ford wanted this happening since 1980. He wouldn`t have signed on if not for getting his wish. And I felt he did a good job in this movie and his death scene was quite tragic. You could tell he didn`t really have much faith in his son. He wanted to and hoped but he made the attempt because of Leia, despite what his instincts told him to.

Luke being a cameo, I`m iffy about. I would have loved to see him throw down, Jedi-Master style. On the other hand, he was very much the entire fucking plot of this movie so in a MacGuffin way, the most important character here. Hopefully, there is some context to "Ben" betraying him (seriously, they take the name of Luke`s son from the books and give him Han/Leia`s son, also from the books, storyline? Han and Leia never their son Ben just makes no sense to me, he didn`t have that much meaning to them) and him just effing off. I would have loved a re-established Jedi Order by now. Otherwise, did anyone accomplish anything after Jedi? The Empire is back, we are still the Rebellion and so far the only confirmed kid is evol.

Also just up and leaving, letting the darksiders have at it in the galaxy, isn`t particularly awe-inspiring. Each side wanted to find Luke here for reasons. So basically everyone believes in his power but him. He should have whooped his nephew`s ass. Leia is still fighting.

I also really liked Poe and would have loved to see more of him. BB8 was great too. Sure, it`s a cutesy new R2D2 but I love both.

Something that did disappoint me for the first time in a Star Wars movie ever was the score. Everytime the music gave me goosebumps was when a beloved old theme came on. Of the new stuff, nothing stood out however. Even Episode 1 had fantastic themes. This was
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