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My summer shows have come or are coming to a close so couple thoughts on them:

Teen Wolf Season 5.A Started out good but fizzled towards the end. Again. And it cemented something for me. If this were Team Arrow, Scott would be the Felicity of the group. So to have a storyline where he supposedly fails at being the Oliver of the group just makes me go: well, no shit, that`s because he is Felicty. At least on Arrow Oliver legitimately failed at being Oliver.

By which I obviously don`t mean Scott being the hacker but the "heart of the group". No, that ain`t Stiles. Stiles is the strategist.

Scott just isn`t their leader. This friendship packed always worked because he wasn`t their leader and quite frankly, he isn`t leadership material to me. Scott is a nice guy with a good heart who maybe lets one too many murderers go and is quite a tad too naive but his heart will be in the right place and he never really rides the Chosen One high, looking down on others. That makes him sympathetic and good to hold the pack together. But he is like just the good half of Kirk after the transporter accident split him in half. That episode made very, very clear that Kirk needed the evil half too to be Captain. Luckily, that was running around to be joined again. Scott doesn`t have that.

Oh, and all that of course means that Theo`s plan was balooney. A) How was he gonna get Scott`s friends, not underlings, to follow him? and B) How was he accomplish that with the evil version of all of them, provided he could turn them evil? Bullshit plans are bullshit.

Dark Matter I kept with it because it is Sci-fi and it got kinda better once I learned the character`s number-names but it never bowled me over.

Killjoys Ditto with the watching on the Sci-fi effect and it legitimately had better character work than Dark Matter but it also failed to grab me.

Defiance The same odd mixture as previous Seasons. My favourite relationship has always been Nolan/Irisa father/daughter and they continue to mine this. Albeit often in annoying ways but at least it gets a lot of play in the story. Second-fave are the Tarrs and they always get a lot of play.

Beauty and the Beast I often don`t know whether I should laugh or cry but I made a pact with myself to watch this till the bitter end. Thing is, the Beast mythology they developed could be decent but the romantic dialogue is apparently ghost-written by George Lucas himself. No, strike that, both Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith had better and more believable romantic dialogues so I don`t know who is writing this one.
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