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In the interest of being truly OCD, I present:

My Supernatural Fanfic

Quid Pro Quo, Back-up and Twice Blessed

Childhood Melodies

Measure of a Man
Gen, PG 13
Summary: Protective Sam strikes back

Gummi Tummy Heroes
Gen, PG 13, Weechesters
Summary: Sammy discovers a new brand of heroes - John is confused

Gen, NC-17, Sam, Dean
Summary: What really happened in the infamous porn-watching scene in CspwdT.

A Bond of Steel
Gen, PG 13, ? ?
Summary: Sometimes a person can be the greatest inspiration there is.

Gen, PG 13, Rumsfeld
Summary: Life of a faithful guard

Sneak Peek
Gen, PG 13, Sam, litte Dean, John, Mary (5.465)
Summary: Sam wants to find out more about his mother. A surprise babysitting gig for none other than his brother might help him with that.

Weapon of Choice
Gen, PG 13, Wee!Dean
Summary: How Dean found the perfect weapon

Gen, PG 13, Teen!Sam
Summary: Sam discovers that even perfection is a matter of perspective.

Ambiance is key
Gen, PG 13, John/Mary, Weechester
Summary: Sometimes it doesn`t matter what you eat but where.

Can`t hear your cries in the silence
Gen, PG 13, Teen!Sam, Dean
Summary: In the world of the Winchesters a single letter can change everything.

The Sammy Stamp of Approval
Gen, PG 0, WeeChesters
Summary: A WeeChester Christmas

Natural Causes
Gen, PG 13, Sam, Dean
Summary: Some truths are hard to accept

Book Club
Gen, PG 13, Sam, Dean
Summary: Dean sticks up for a trio of literary ladies

Full-On Swayzed
Gen, PG 13, Sam, Dean
Summary: Dean displays a hidden talent, Sam is losing his mind. :)

A Miracle Right There
Gen, PG 13, Dean, Sam
Summary: Ten minutes after Layla left the motel room in "Faith".

What's in a number
Gen, PG 13, Sam, Dean, (900)
Summary: Sam's latest text message has unforeseen consequences for Dean. Soft, furry consequences. :)

The One where John didn't properly clean up his room
Gen, PG 13, Humor, Dean, Sam (800)
Summary: Another visit to a certain storage locker would have gone more smoothly if John had been better with the labeling. :)

Seventeen Strokes
Gen, PG 13, Dean (240)
Summary: Sometimes we speak louder in actions than in words.

Gen, PG 13, Dean, Sam (1.000)
Summary: You can take the boy out of hell but can you take hell out of the boy? (Kripke-d by the Premiere.)

Summary: A hunt gone wrong leaves Sam with an impossible choice and Dean a changed man. Will they work it out? And will their enemies use the opportunity to strike?,

Rating/Warnings: Gen, dark imagery
Status: Complete, 17.122 words

Consequences Part I
Consequences Part II
Consequences Part III
Consequences Part IV

Grapes of Wrath and other Forbidden Fruit
Summary: After a shocking betrayal Jared Padalecki only knows one goal in life - revenge. A chance encounter with his twin brother`s fiancé Jensen might provide him with the perfect opportunity to get it.

Rating/Warnings: RPS AU, NC 17
Status: complete, 20.733 words
written for

Header and Cover
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

kudos to the lovely [ profile] trueshellz for also making it into a PDF version

Hidden Treasures
Summary: What happens when a whip-wielding archaeologist and a floppy-haired law student stumble onto their greatest adventure? Even the Ark of Covenant might pale next to this dynamic duo.

Rating/Warnings: SPN AU, R
Status: complete, 13.218 words
written for

Prologue and Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Summary: Jared gets a new roommate, he`d head over heels over. But there is one small problem...

Rating/Warning: RPS AU, NC-17
Status: Complete

Dreams are made of Cheese
A Cheesy Life
A Cheesy Job
Merry Cheesemas

Comes a Horseman - The BarbarianVerse
Summary: In the Bronze Age Jen is living a quiet life as a healer in his little village. Though that may change once Jaret, leader of a Barbarian horde, storms into his life.

Rating/Warning: RPS AU, NC-17, Historical
Staus: Complete, 45.440 words

Chapter 1/7
Chapter 2/7
Chapter 3/7
Chapter 4/7
Chapter 5/7
Chapter 6/7
Chapter 7/7

Family Affairs
Summary: A misunderstanding leads to Jensen adopting the role of fiancé to the currently comatose Jeff Padalecki - Jensen`s unrequited crush. While Jeff`s family welcomes their newest "addition" with open arms, it`s Jeff`s brother Jared who really turns Jensen`s world upside-down.

Rating/Warning: RPS AU, PG 13
Status: Complete, 15.084 words
written for

Family Affairs - Part 1
Family Affairs - Part 2

Regaining Sense
Summary: A vengeful crime-boss cost Jensen not only his eyesight but also a promising career with the FBI. When the man resurfaces two years later, Jensen is not thrilled to find himself taken into protective custody, even less so when the Agent in charge turns out to be Jensen's former partner and boyfriend, Jared Padalecki. Will the two men be able to overcome their differences and work together to not only stop the bad guy but also uncover the mole in their own ranks before it is too late?

Rating/Warning: RPS AU, NC-17
Status: Complete, 27.361 words
written for

Cover-Art HERE

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Coming Attractions:

Horseman-Epilogue - scheduled time of arrival: Oktober 10

Seven Year (B)Itch aka Sequel to "Grapes of Wrath" - scheduled TOA: Oktober 10

Maybe Baby:

Space-Epic - RPS AU

Scottish Clan Feuds - RPS AU

A possible new Harlequin adventure - should there be another round

Writing Update:  Since I`m completely out of the fandom, it`s highly unlikely I will touch anything in it in the future.

My Merlin Fanfic

In Sickness and Health
Pre-Slash, PG-13, words: 1.200
Summary: Arthur falls ill, Merlin has to step up to being the protector once more.

Whipping Boy
Pre/Mild Slash, PG-13, words: 1.300 - Sequel to "In Sickness and Health"
Summary: Merlin gets caught breaking the law. Will Arthur turn his back on him this time?

Mild Slash, PG-13, words: 1.000 - Sequel to "Whipping Boy"
Summary: The Aftermath of the Punishment

Pre/Mild Slash, PG-13, words: 1.200
Summary: Protective!Arthur, nuff said.

A Kiss is still a Kiss
Mild Slash, PG-13, words: 500
Summary: Deleted Scene from episode 7 "The Gates of Avalon"
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